Omnichannel and immediacy in the Contact Center


Nowadays, customers expect a seamless experience across all available channels. Omnichannel has become a need for companies that want to offer valuable experiences for their customers.

However, omnichannel only makes sense if combined with immediacy. Customers are looking for asynchronous communication that gives them quick and efficient responses. It is no longer just about being present in multiple channels, but about being able to provide an immediate and personalized experience in each of them.

Simplicity for a more efficient CX

Simplicity is always sought when we talk about possible improvements for our contact center, but are we sure that our strategies do not impact the quality of our CX? In the past, it was believed that dividing an agent’s attention between multiple chats was desirable, as it was considered more efficient and productive. Today we know that it is much more effective to devote total attention to customers and develop well-thought-out self-management tools.

Imagine a brand that focuses on being “voiceless” omnichannel, prioritizing personalized, dedicated attention through non-vocal channels, such as chat. This strategy may seem counterintuitive, as customer service has traditionally been associated with verbal interaction. However, in this context, agents will be able to devote themselves entirely to serving a single customer through chat and the quality of care will increase significantly. Customers would feel valued and heard, which translates into greater satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

ear in mind that good practices in the context of the contact center are more a series of recommendations than a regulation that we must follow uncritically. The most important thing is to know the objectives of our company, and based on these, know how to expertly use all the tools that technology puts at our disposal.

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Automation and self-management

Before it was thought that an agent with 8 chats was the panacea, but today we know that it is better to dedicate total attention to customers and create effective self-management tools. That is why inConcert makes solutions that provide the tools you need to deliver a smooth experience and solve problems efficiently.

The automations that can be developed from inConcert Marketing Automation & CRM streamline the procedures so that customers can carry out on their own, impacting response times. The voice and text chatbots, offered by Conversational Bots, are designed to understand natural language and deliver accurate and relevant answers.

This way, customers can resolve their queries or issues without having to wait for the assistance of a human agent. The combination of customer-oriented support and self-management tools simplifies interaction and improves service quality.

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Using AI for a better communication

AI has the potential to completely revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. It can have operational uses, not only focused on advancing an opportunity within the funnel, but also on improving customer service and experience.

For example, inConcert Speech Analytics analyzes conversations between agents and customers to identify patterns, detect emotions, and assess the quality of interaction. This provides companies with valuable information to better understand the needs and desires of their customers, and thus continuously improve their service.

In our chatbot we also incorporate tools for training and active learning, which allows that, with each interaction with your customers, the chatbot is increasingly precise in understanding the intentions and you can have a more natural conversation with it.

Today we can observe a development in AI that convinces us that these tools will be fundamental to improve the immediate response capacity of companies.
With chatbots that are quickly adapting to the nature of asynchronous communications and Speech Analytics tools aimed at facilitating the work of agents in real time, communications between companies and users will become increasingly fluid and more accurate.

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The simplification of processes and total attention are increasingly valued aspects. With inConcert, companies can deliver exceptional experiences to both customers and agents with a real impact on their business objectives. Our focus on omnichannel, immediacy and artificial intelligence allows us to offer differentiated and efficient solutions that meet customer expectations in today’s world.

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