Marketing and CRM: unity makes strength

For Martín Santoro
For Martín Santoro


Consolidating the potential of CRM with an all-in-one marketing and sales platform offers unique advantages: more leads, more sales and more control , automating processes, building an intelligent and integrated omnichannel pipeline and converting qualified leads into business opportunities.

Integrating CRM with the Contact Center platform not only impacts the generation of sales opportunities but also the treatment that each one receives . From documenting every interaction that is generated by any channel, to detecting when the lead is ready for a direct sales call, it allows a more efficient management of all the tasks involved in the process .

The importance of omnichannel

This takes us to the first point, which is the possibility of attending immediately and providing an excellent unified experience to leads arriving through digital channels, following up your journey, and giving attention to the channels you prefer, from a single platform.

In turn, it would be expensive and counterproductive to have to manage the channels separately or manually attend each lead. Omnichannel lead generation increases sales closes and optimizes the acquisition costs of each customer.  – Provides an integrated experience across all channels and touchpoints, with rich interactions through artificial intelligence, Bots and Speech Analytics.

– Receive notifications every time a new lead is generated to provide immediate and personalized attention .

– Contact them by phone, WhatsApp, webchat, mail, social networks and keep a single history for all interactions.

– Control the entire commercial process , from the lead to the after-sales, with the possibility of integrating your marketing plan and commercial pipeline in a single platform.

In this note we share keys to implement an omnichannel chatbot successfully and enhance the customer service strategy.

Marketing y CRM - New Lead

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The power of automation

The automation of processes allows an effective and large-scale follow-up of leads, always maintaining an optimal customer experience , achieving greater efficiency, and obtaining better results at a lower cost . On the other hand, the campaigns manage to be more accurate and efficient, being able to be optimized in real time and obtaining key indicators.

This type of strategy involves undertaking at the same time very diverse communications, sending each user the right message at the right time, and moving forward with the sale at the time when they are most prepared to buy.

– Perform every attraction action for the making of leads from the same manager.

– Identify which are the best leads and which are qualified to advance in the funnel.

– Follow each lead to improve their lead rating and sales possibilities.

 Automate immediate attention at any time and enhances the closure of SQLs.

– Intelligently distribute leads for assisted selling across multiple channels .

– Get rid of the risk of overlooking a sales opportunity .

In this note we share how to generate an automated marketing strategy in the best way.

Marketing y CRM - Journey funnel

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The accuracy of campaigns

Digital marketing involves various actions and strategies that are generated and carried out in multiple online channels , whether search engines, portals, websites, social networks, email, messaging applications and more.

Counting on technology that integrates marketing and sales allows us to know the audiences in greater detail, obtain common indicators, make our strategies more efficient in real time and control the end-to-end process:

Hyper-segment audiences to attract the most qualified leads for each product or service.

Generate tailor-made proposals to multiply the opportunities and the closing ratio.

Analyze the conversion rate and its relationship between quantity and quality of leads.

Correct in real time campaigns or ads that are not meeting expectations.

Promote keywords that generate better leads or make more sales.

Target ads to landing pages with the highest conversion rate and closing rate.

Unify the indicators for every area.

In this note we share keys to improve the cost per acquisition in marketing and sales and make each investment perform to the maximum.

Marketing y CRM - Targeting

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