How to improve your company’s CX maturity


We are facing a new era of personalized attention. Guaranteeing experiences that respond to the growing expectations of personalization, of clients and the work teams themselves is more important than ever to achieve a real and lasting commitment, as well as a greater return of investment.

Achieving quality CX requires both having omnichannel technological solutions for each operation and achieving organizational maturity, where all the actors involved work collaboratively to make it possible.

However, a recent Gartner® report* shows that most companies are operating in the early stages of maturity when it comes to managing the customer experience. In this blog you’ll be able to find out what stage your company is in and how to articulate a Total Experience to generate strategic value where you need it most.

Find out how mature your CX is

Gartner establishes 5 levels of organizational maturity for the management of the Customer Experience:

  • Level 1: ad hoc. CX efforts are conducted within departments and divisions without the benefit of
    organization wide collaboration, coordination and consistent execution.
  • Level 2: establishing. A designated CX leader spurs efforts to explore CX capability gaps, improve voice-of-the-customer programs, establish processes and determine how CX can effectively resolve drivers of dissatisfaction.
  • Level 3: performing. The organization has proven the ways customer satisfaction delivers on business and financial goals. Most or all CX processes operate effectively to not only identify and resolve customer problems, but also uncover proactive solutions that satisfy customer needs.
  • Level 4: optimizing. A common organization wide understanding of customers exists. A standing CX leadership group drives cross-functional alignment and effectively coordinates CX efforts. Customer insights are widely disseminated.
  • Level 5: embedded. A customer-centric culture influences the day-to-day actions and decisions of employees at every level.

As identified by Gartner, 88% of organizations indicate that their CX strategies are at levels 1, 2 or 3. Only 3% reach level 5. In this context, how can we achieve more mature CX management?

Learn how to achieve a mature and robust CX

The customer experience is built thanks to the contribution of multiple commercial, technological and strategic areas. For a mature and robust CX, it is necessary to break down the information silos that often lead to disorganized and reactive efforts instead of a comprehensive and joint approach.

In this context, Gartner offers recommendations for executive leaders looking to elevate their organization to best-in-class for CX:

  • Break down siloed CX inertia by identifying a high-value customer journey that could be elevated through the empowerment of key employees that interact with the customer.
  • Adopt best-in-class governance practices by forming a total experience (TX) fusion team as part of a CX center of excellence.
  • Scope and align TX initiatives to broader business and IT objectives by using business architecture deliverables, such as customer and employee journey maps.

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The power of the Total Experience

Total Experience plays a fundamental role for this evolution. TX is not a specific strategy or the answer to a specific problem. On the contrary, it refers to an approach that involves several areas within the company, plus partners and suppliers to deliver the best experience to customers and employees.

In Total Experience (TX) several concepts are integrated to accelerate business growth: Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), User Experience (UX) and Multi-experience (MX).

Traditionally, these areas are worked on separately, with teams dedicated to each of them, even knowing the impact that one has on the other. By taking a TX approach, experiences are managed holistically to fuel growth, delivering an outstanding experience to customers and employees alike.

The key is to see these experiences as a framework made up of different “moments of truth”: points in the customer journey where a key event occurs and an opinion about the company is formed. Instances where your brand can shine and make interested parties fall in love; or on the contrary bother them, drive them away or lose them. A TX approach offers better value to customers.

By 2026, 60% of large companies will apply Total Experience (TX) to transform their business models, driven by increasingly granular personalization and increasingly sophisticated AI interactions, seamless omnichannel, and the deconstruction of silos with increasingly collaborative teams.

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Mature your CX with omnichannel technology

Our Marketing Automation & CRM technology allows you to maximize the ROI of any campaign, being able to develop advanced commercial engineering, with custom parameterization for each business, integrated advertising platforms, real-time monitoring tools, traceability of each lead, attribution models accuracy, acquisition costs to the penny, and access to reliable, silo-free data.

By working together and not in silos, with integrated and interrelated productivity indicators, the objectives of the teams do not compete, but rather complement each other to reduce the cost per lead, improve the closing rate and optimize ROI. Unity is strength! Unity is strength!

In turn, thanks to the management of multiple pipelines and sales teams, it is possible to track the progress and probability of closure of each opportunity, as well as generate your own and fully customizable pipelines that reflect all the steps, conditions, documents and elements necessary for each stage.

This omnichannel traceability provides valuable information on the path that leads follow through the funnel and the probability of closure. This not only improves the generation of sales opportunities but also the treatment of each one, being able to offer dynamic content based on their history, profile, behavior and customized variables, nurturing that lead until their experience is confirmed.

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As Gartner mentions in its report, you can mimic best-in-class organizations by implementing a TX strategy for executing against the moments of truth in the customer journey.

The key is to develop teams dedicated to coordinating and ensuring the correct functioning of the Total Experience, being able to count on omnichannel and customized tools to facilitate collaborative work, coordinated monitoring and immediate attention.

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Do you want to know more? Read the full report here

Do you want to know more? Read the full report here

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*Gartner, Achieve Best-in-Class CX Wins Through Total Experience, Jason Wong, 27 February 2023

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