Where is Artificial Intelligence headed? Forecast 2025


From a contact center perspective, we often think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a capability of bots to improve care automation. However, if we look at the bigger picture, there are multiple applications of artificial intelligence that drive business growth. The first report by the consulting firm Gartner, dedicated to projections on the use of artificial intelligence in organizations, refers to these. The figures are promising for the next three years.

More than half of enterprises will be at maturity stage in the AI world by 2025

2025 is the key year to which Gartner’s projections point. By then, the AI software market will reach a value of $134.8 billion, with a significant acceleration in its growth. To be more precise, the AI market grew by 14.4% in 2021, and will grow to 31.1% by 2025, outpacing the growth of the overall software market.

The report forecasts that by 2025, 55% of organizations worldwide will be at a “stable” stage in their AI maturity, according to Gartner’s model. “The transformative benefits of AI in organizations will grow as its implementation expands and deepens. Successful outcomes depend on careful selection of use cases, while careful scoping reduces risks,” the report explains. “However, to achieve the greatest benefits with AI, customers need to design consistent multi-model systems with a shared underlying architecture. Few are currently doing this.”

Projections and trends in Artificial Intelligence

The distinction between “AI software” and “non-AI software” – already blurred today – will disappear. As companies move forward with their digital transformation, AI will combine across technologies to create seamless workflows, providing operational transparency and automation capabilities.

The most important application will be language and vision analytics. However, technology solution providers have great opportunities to guide organizations in their implementation of AI across multiple areas. Among the various use cases, Gartner foresees the following as major areas of opportunity: knowledge management, virtual assistants, automated vehicles, digital workspaces and crowdsourcing data.

The benefits of implementing AI grow over time like a snowball effect. As close as 2023, organizations that have put analytics and data at the core of their business and operating model will outperform their industry peers in financial metrics.

Challenges in using Artificial Intelligence

A challenge for companies that are not yet mature in AI is the agility with which they are able to process data, as well as change practices or products following indicators.

In this sense, change management is one of the aspects that is often forgotten in AI implementation. When implementing AI as the core of an operation, it is also important that the acceleration of digital transformation is “data-driven”, and not just based on instinct.

Finally, Gartner’s recommendation is to keep the focus on concrete projects. This increases the benefits in that area in a short time. “Decades of data analytics have taught us that trying too hard can result in a huge field of data, which brings very little value.”

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