Seven different ways to use generative AI that will make your job easier


In our eagerness to offer technological solutions always at the forefront, from inConcert we have joined forces with OpenAI to implement the technology offered by Chat GPT in our portfolio.

As we discussed in our previous article, incorporating generative AI into your company’s operations makes it possible to streamline countless processes and provides key strategic advantages. Despite the objective improvement that generative AI implies in several areas related to contact, especially in the environment of a Contact Center, sometimes it is not easy to visualize specific uses for this technology.

Therefore, we share 7 different ways to use generative AI that will optimize daily processes in a simple and intelligent way. It will also free up resources and time to dedicate to adding value where you most need it.

1. Strategic Analytics in Massive Transcriptions

Combining this technology with our inConcert Speech Analytics solution not only solves mass transcriptions instantly, but improves the semantic detection of conversation topics, delivering several possible motivations sorted by probability and not a single option. It also allows you to include context in your keyword search and use embeddings to perform semantic searches.

2. Generating Cold Emails for Effective Marketing

Breaking the ice should not be that hard! GPT makes it possible to generate cold emails with different customized messages that function as independent icebreakers for each of the audiences of your campaigns.

To maximize the effectiveness of this strategy, when triggering a second phase it is possible to select the most successful and use them automatically, using a complete history and smart A / B testing to optimize each shipment. With good marketing strategies related to nurturing and re-engagement, you can generate more leads and close more sales.

3. Custom Landing Page Creation

One of the most frequent points of integration between marketing and sales are omnichannel landing pages, which offer direct contact between the visitor and the company. However, developing these platforms in quantity and quality involves considerable production time and high cost.

Our technology can generate the sections and content of the landing indicating the objectives of the page, keywords for SEO optimization or the profile of a particular audience to achieve greater engagement. In addition, it has more than 250 templates so you can find the one that best suits your needs with the least effort.

4. Ticket Classification and Interactions

Gaining efficiency and reducing costs, without affecting the customer experience is the goal of any company when it comes to customer service. Having a solution that simplifies ticket management while integrating with the omnichannel contact platform is key to achieving that goal.

Our technology not only allows you to classify any incoming ticket according to a list of services and categories and intelligently refer them to the corresponding team, but even perform an analysis of the sentiment of each interaction and make urgent decisions to mitigate the risk of “churn” or take advantage of an opportunity instantly.

5. Inbox Management

Inboxes overflowing with unattended emails or incorrectly referred to agents threaten the quality of customer service, the efficiency of the operation and the generation of new business opportunities. Even in this, generative AI can be a great ally, classifying each incoming email and referring it to the most appropriate group of agents.

In addition, you can go a step further to generate personalized responses based on the topic of conversation and answer emails automatically using all the knowledge deposited in knowledge bases generated with Generative AI. It is even possible to leave the automatic response in drafts to be reviewed by an agent before being sent.

6. Writing Assistant

A recurring problem encountered by companies that interact directly with users, customers or suppliers through written channels is the sending of emails with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or poor answers. This can generate confusion in the receiver, be counterproductive when closing a business or even damage the image of the company.

Using GPT we can give automatic assistance to the writing, with the possibility of defining styles (decontracted, formal, etc.) and regionalisms to generate greater empathy, or program the technology to correct any outgoing mail before being sent. In this way, greater professionalism is projected, and many headaches are avoided.

7. Real-time Multilanguage Translation

Using GPT as a response generator also enables a multi-language experience that makes it possible to answer emails and chats in the user’s language in real time, regardless of the default language.

In this way it is possible to achieve a more fluid interaction and a full understanding of both ends, whether in Spanish, Catalan, English, French or German. Moreover, with precise configuration, Chat GPT avoids the linguistic pitfalls characteristic of other translation engines, thereby enhancing responses.

Take the technological leap that your company needs and discover how inConcert, in partnership with OpenAI, can take your operations to the next level. Contact us and start experiencing this transformation sooner than you can imagine!

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