Sustainability in CCaaS: being better tomorrow than today


Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic for companies in recent years, and companies in the CCaaS sector are no exception. As the world becomes more aware of the influence of social and environmental factors shaping society, companies are expected to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the planet and the people who inhabit it.  

According to a study prepared by Gartner, by 2025, 50% of CIOs will have among their objectives to achieve performance metrics linked to the sustainability of their organizations. This indicates that sustainability is no longer just something to brag about, but a new strategy that needs to be taken care of. In addition, it is one of very high complexity and scope, since different departments within a company will have to assume different responsibilities with respect to their sustainability commitments: CEOs and investors will pursue far-reaching goals, such as effective corporate governance and social change; IT and operational leaders should focus on improving enterprise-wide performance as enablers and implementers of new technology-driven solutions that improve companies’ environmental impact.  

“By 2025, 50% of those responsible for systems and information in companies will have among their objectives to achieve performance metrics linked to the sustainability of their organizations”

Companies in the CCaaS sector have a great opportunity to improve their sustainability, not only from a technological point of view, but from their governance and underpinning their commitment to quality training and employment. Strategies developed in the sector should not only consider the environmental, economic, and social benefits of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) initiatives, but should also proactively seek areas for improvement to adjust to the new criteria of digital business leadership.  

Investments in sustainable technology do not have to be simply a new task for the compliance department, they must also be an opportunity to create greater operational resilience, greater financial performance and a space for innovation focused on exploiting new avenues of growth. Organizations can attract and retain customers by engaging them through sustainable products and services. This new reality can be a key element to strengthen the trust of customers through excellent CX and attract new opportunities that are identified with this commitment, since, in the near future, CCaaS companies will surely have to face unprecedented changes in the area. 

How can sustainability impact the work of certain people? 

From a technological point of view, these adaptations will surely have a total impact on the work of developers. The fragile climate situation that has driven the creation of the 2030 agenda leads us to think that in a short time European plans will be designed to reduce or close data centers that are underutilized, inefficient or located in areas where the supply of “greener” energy is troublesome. I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) leaders will find sustainability goals a perfect tool to drive data center cost optimization, reduce excess energy by implementing sustainability programs, improve energy efficiency and enable the proper use of assets. These changes will require high adaptation and implementation costs, but will be a guarantee for the fulfillment of long-term sustainability objectives.  

“Companies must face changes that will require high adaptation and implementation costs but will be a guarantee for the fulfillment of long-term sustainability objectives.

From inConcert we assume sustainability as one of our main values and we try to contribute to this cause both when developing our operations and at a strategic level. This commitment can be seen in the fact that our solutions are designed to identify and remedy problems arising from ineffective infrastructures and operations, which decrease the energy and material efficiency of infrastructures. The implementation of our solutions makes it easier for our customers to move from on-premises models to cloud models, which offer more space to optimize server management and maintenance. In addition, they allow our clients to measure, audit and improve their performance, directly impacting the quality of their governance and ultimately improving the experience of their customers and workers.

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What are we doing?

We have created a sustainability committee formed by experts from various departments to identify the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in which we can generate a real impact, both by creating our own supra-organizational initiatives and by supporting institutions with which we identify. We are currently working to contribute to four of the seventeen goals: No. 4: quality education, No. 8: decent work and economic growth, No. 13: climate action, and No. 16: peace, justice, and strong institutions.

We cannot deny that sustainability is already on the agenda of the most important CCaaS companies in the world. Investing in sustainable technology and implementing sustainability programs can position a company as a leader in the industry. Companies can’t afford to ignore sustainability if they want to remain relevant and successful in the long term, attract and retain customers. For inConcert, assuming sustainability as one of our main strategies for the near future is bringing us significant economic benefits, in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that we are doing what we can to improve the world around us. We trust that our initiatives and our enthusiasm will infect both our allies and our competitors, because the ultimate goal is to be able to share together a society and a planet we can be proud of.