Strategic technology trends that will dominate in 2022


Among so many innovations that make up the technology landscape each year, how do you prioritize strategic investments to grow your business? Gartner has prepared a report on the technologies with the greatest strategic value in 2022. We have compiled the most important ones so that you can draw your roadmap for this new year.

1. Data Fabric

Technologies such as Data Fabric will be key in the storage, management and analysis of data; processes that will increasingly be handled by analytics and machine learning systems. Using this type of technology can reduce the efforts dedicated to these tasks by up to 70%.

2. Computación para mejorar la privacidad

This type of solution employs specific algorithms to take better advantage of big data, while taking care of information security and privacy. Gartner forecasts that by 2025, 60% of large companies will use Privacy-Enhacing Computation.

3. Cybersecurity Mesh

“Cybersecurity meshes” are a flexible solution for reliably verifying identity, context and policy adherence in cloud and non-cloud environments. It is a technology that will continue to expand with the growth of teleworking, bringing positive financial results in terms of cybersecurity.

4. Hyperautomation

“Hyper-automation” involves a disciplined approach to quickly identify, examine and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Gartner’s recommendation for cost optimization is that automations should not merely be performed on isolated tasks, but should be controlled holistically.

5. Decision Intelligence

“Decision intelligence” is the application of analytics and artificial intelligence to the modeling of a company’s strategic and operational decisions, based on accurate forecasts and simulations. The trend also aims to automate decisions that have a high degree of repetition.

6. Distributed Enterprise

“Distributed enterprises” have a “digital-first” approach, spread their operations across multiple locations and rely heavily on remote operations and business relationships. According to Gartner, these are the organizations most capable of serving the needs of digital consumers and employees.

7. Total Experience

The “Total Experience” integrates the “Customer”, “User” or “Employee Experience” into a great “multi-experience”, through various points of contact and with a holistic approach. The trend is to apply technology to optimize these shared experiences between users, customers and employees.

8. Cloud-Native Platforms

Cloud-native platforms will dominate digital initiatives in the coming years. To take advantage of the powerful scalability of this technology, Gartner recommends minimizing migrations that do not take full advantage of the cloud environment’s attributes.

9. AI Engineering

It is not enough to implement some kind of Artificial Intelligence. It is important to develop an entire AI engineering, to continuously optimize the value of AI.

Did you know that 69% of managers say AI will be the most important technology to emerge stronger post-pandemic?

Discover this and other Gartner predictions for investing in technologies with strategic value in 2022.

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