Digital Agent Experience: improve the performance of your Contact Center by taking care of the agents’ digital experience


Companies operating in the most digitized sectors must understand the importance of the Digital Employee Experience when designing strategies that seek to improve the performance of their employees.

The term Employee Experience refers to all the processes that an employee faces during his career in a company, as well as the tools that it provides to facilitate his work. In recent years it has become a strategic element to define the culture of companies and to design lines of action that impact the performance of workers.  But circumstances such as the need to work from home, or the increasing digitalization of all sectors have made it necessary to add the technological factor to the analysis of the employee experience, giving rise to the Digital Employee Experience, or DEX 

Employee Experience in the digital workspace. 

DEX defines the relationship of an employee with their digital workplace, a space that is often not a priority when designing EX strategies. The quality of a digital workspace depends directly on the quality of the tools and applications that form it, but this reality often goes unnoticed. According to several surveys, the majority of workers feel the need to go the extra mile to integrate technology into their workplace, and less than a quarter (22%) believe the technology tools at their disposal make it easier for them to perform in any way*. 

Organizations must have a portfolio of digital workplace technologies that deliver a positive employee experience. A well-implemented DEX increases employee engagement, improves employee satisfaction, increases the efficiency of their work, and accelerates employee adoption of new methodologies and tools.

Path to peak digital employeeGartner proposes four steps to design an ideal Digital Employee Experience:  

1. Align the interests of the main interlocutors, i.e., the company and employees.

2. Design employee personas, or avatars that reflect the characteristics of the users who are going to use the tools and generate a digital strategy based on their needs.

3. Identify the difficulties employees face when implementing a digital tool new to their work methodology and offer the right solutions for each person.

4. Design a digital workspace suitable to house the highest quality DEX possible.

The digital experience of contact center agents 

The reach of DEX is crucial in an industry such as CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), where managers and executives must manage a large volume of employees and where staff turnover is often considered one of the biggest drawbacks. The most appropriate way to ensure the permanence of those who work in direct contact with customers is to bet on an Agent Experience program developed with the needs of digital work in mind, which grants access to optimized digital tools and that allows working in a simple, stimulating and leaving space for professional development. For a contact center, designing the right Digital Agent Experience model can mean the difference between success and failure 

A Suitable digital agent experience

An agent working in a Contact Center is particularly exposed to technological changes, since their efficiency depends to a large extent on their ability to handle the digital tools at their disposal in an agile and accurate way. Companies in this sector must anticipate the need to train agents and keep them abreast of the changes experienced by the sector, not only to improve the quality of the interactions that take place in their Contact Center, but to give their employees the possibility of growing to their full potential 

The importance of the Digital Agent Experience can be reduced to one sentence: happy agents generate happy customers. But team building techniques  and stimulating productivity through activities that expand beyond employee tasks are no longer enough to ensure the success of an EX strategy. Nowadays it is necessary to understand the enormous presence of digital tools in the daily work of agents and internalize that a tool that is not aimed at improving their experience can be an insurmountable obstacle to achieving a successful Digital Agent Experience.

For inConcert, the experience of the agents is one of the fundamental pillars when developing its solutions. All inConcert products are natively integrated, creating a fully unified digital workspace with a  consistent, intuitive workflow that empowers agents and gives them independence. Only those suppliers that are committed to integrating the experience of agents in the development of their digital solutions will be able to respond to the needs of the employees of the future. At inConcert, we have been working with this approach for more than 20 years.  

*Source: Gartner (2022)