What is WhatsApp Business Platform and how can it improve the performance of your company

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WhatsApp is one of the most effective tools available to companies to carry out effective and personalized communications. The openrate of this channel is much higher than that of more traditional media such as email or SMS. It might seem that we are facing an ideal alternative for its cost and effectiveness, but it is important to consider some important factors to understand the potential scope of this platform. Below, we will show you everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business Platform and about the possibilities offered by inConcert to improve the UX of your company. 

Different strategies require different tools

WhatsApp Business App  allows you to organize contacts, send welcome messages and even automated answers to common questions. However, its capabilities are limited :  it must be executed from a single terminal, it cannot be extended with additional functionalities, nor can it be integrated into a CRM. It is a suitable solution for small businesses with a reduced number of interactions.

WhatsApp Business Platform WhatsApp Business Platform

In response to this situation, Meta developed a solution for those companies that needed to scale their contact beyond the limits of this application: WhatsApp Business Platform. It is a Cloud API managed by Meta and this expands the possibilities of WhatsApp Business App, taking it to the next level. It supports mass communication and tracks customers, is optimized to integrate chatbots automatically, verifies the company account and the management of the tool is done from a panel not linked to a single terminal.

Business Solution Providers of WhatsApp

So, what about the drawbacks of WhatsApp Business Platform? It might seem like none, but we must consider a differential factor: very few companies are able to connect to this Cloud API. This is because it is the Goal itself that defines which companies have access, and this is only granted after a study that guarantees the fulfillment of certain objectives and guarantees. This process can be unfeasible for many brands due to its cost and complexity. But this circumstance does not have to deprive these companies of the advantages of WhatsApp Business Platform, since there are some companies that have the recognition and support of Meta to catalyze the connection between this API and those brands that do not have direct access to the platform. These are WhatsApp’s Business Solution Providers. .

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (or BSPs) are an international community of independent enterprise solution providers with expertise in the WhatsApp Business platform capable of helping businesses communicate with their customers via WhatsApp. inConcert is part of this community of Business Solution Providers. This recognition is a verification of our technical knowledge by Meta and a way to certify our ability to promote the growth of the companies we serve. Meta thus highlights the work we have been developing for more than 20 years, keeping us at the forefront of market trends and constituting ourselves as a reference to improve the user experience.

Not all BSPs are created equal

All BSPs share some common features, essentially those related to the functionalities of WhatsApp Business Platform. The most important thing when selecting a BSP from among the multiple options available is to understand what advantages they offer beyond those guaranteed by WhatsApp Business Platform natively. Not all BSPs provide added value beyond mediating between the platform and companies interested in accessing.

inConcert ,stand out from other Business Solution Providers for the extensive ability to integrate the use of WhatsApp into various processes and tools and for making the most of the potential of this platform when developing omnichannel strategies tailored to each client. Not only do we help you elevate your company’s number to the status of official and distribute all the messages you need in the most efficient and effective way sregardless of the scale of your contact base, let’s take a step further:

WhatsApp Business App
WhatsApp Business App

inConcert offers control, monitoring and integration tools unmatched by other BSPs on the market. We have developed multiple functionalities and exclusive automations in all the products of our portfolio to make the most of the odds de WhatsApp Business Platform . These are not restricted only to the field of contactation, they are also related to Marketing processes natively integrated into our CRM,, with the application of conversational bots enriched with AI, with our linguistic analysis , with our linguistic analysis solution and a long etcetera. We are committed to offer a value proposition capable not only of responding to the needs of our customers, but of exceeding their expectations.

Discover the advantages that inConcert offers you over other WhatsApp Business Solution Providers and start using your WhatsApp channel to its full potential.